Write the test first

It amazes me how a small change in order affects things. When I’m working on pandas, a lot of the work is fixing a bug that is reported on github or stackoverflow. For a while I was just jumping right into it, fix the bug, then add a test case, run the test suite, then push to github.

This generally works well, but with one problem – are you sure your test case actually hit the bug? Usually I’m sure enough that I don’t think about it, but once in a while I make a mistake but I don’t discover it until later on. After awhile, I started getting paranoid, especially when the test case is a little more involved. I want stash the changes to revert to the original code, but that means it’ll revert the test case as well. So often times I’d have to copy-paste the test case somewhere else, stash, copy the test case back, test, stash pop, then retest.

The solution to this problem, as I discovered later on, was a small change in the order of things. You need to write the test case first to make sure it hits the bug correctly, then put in the fix and retest. It saves a ton of work and it gives you a lot more confidence in the process.


About Chang She

Engineer @ Cloudera. Ex-cofounder/CTO @ DataPad. Builder of data tools. Recovering financial quant.
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